“As a soul you are always eternally evolving, expanding and adding to your repertoire of spiritual tools to help you manifest the life purpose you came to the earth to experience…”


As a Lightworker and your guide
I am here to help you.


A Message From Lee Milteer


Isn’t it finally time to trust yourself and acknowledge that you are connected to something incredibly powerful… a spiritual force that will guide and direct you through even the most difficult situations and problems that you face?


Unfortunately many of us have forgotten how to connect to the spirit source and some of us aren’t aware that it even exists, let alone how to reconnect with it!


We are fooled into thinking from only the logical side… and believe that all power is in the “external world”. But that is not so! Your true power is internal. It is the spiritual part of yourself that allows you to deal with everyday problems. Unfortunately there is widespread disbelief in our culture about the power of the mind and the magic that is offered in the spiritual realm. Are you listening to the right messages?


You must know what to do and how to reconnect to receive the power…


That’s Why I’ve Created This
12 Module Video Online Course Called
12 Spiritual Solutions For Everyday Problems!

  • This course has 12 amazing and instructive modules and I’ll be your guide and teacher throughout. Each module is available in both video and audio format and comes complete with full transcript. You will always have full access to these on our secure site.
  • You’ll receive many of my personal prayers and spiritual rituals that will make it easy to reconnect with your God source, calm feelings of anxiety and fear, open your heart to love and allow you to receive solutions from the Source.
  • I’ll teach you how to become very clear about what you want to attract, knowing that God will bring you the people, knowledge and opportunities necessary to accomplish your goals.
  • You are living in Heaven and on Earth at the same time! You are a spiritual being, a light worker! This course will show you how to stop just “existing” on earth!
  • Learn how to retrieve yourself from the external world… learn how to make your decisions from a higher spiritual platform.
  • In today’s world, everyone faces difficult situations and decisions day in and day out. These modules address and offer solutions to 12 of the most difficult issues from both a personal and business perspective.



One of my goals in life is to help people like you learn to manifest and find peace. I have found through my many years of coaching, that bitterness and anger are often key issues that hold people back. Have you been hurt? Taken advantage of? Abused? You can never be at peace when you are angry. This is important to remember. Anger only agitates us and stimulates our problems!


Karma is karma and what you sow you shall reap. Always remember this. Most problems come from the mind and are created by your thoughts about a particular situation. So it is not always the situation but your judgment of the situation – created by your thoughts. You must try to avoid negative thoughts at all costs. Karma is karma.


It’s Time To Get In Touch
With Who You Really Are!

  • Learn how to release the overwhelm, stress and anxiety that you carry all the time.
  • Have you allowed your heart and connection to spirit to close? Learn how to finally open your heart and come instead from a place of love. Ask, what is the highest and best you can do in your situation, from love?
  • I’ll show you how to connect with your spiritual helpers or angels. They are ready and waiting to help you… but they must first be asked. Be patient once you have asked for guidance – it will come.
  • You’ll learn how to center yourself… so that you are not reacting but deciding to act in a particular way. It is all up to you… it’s a matter of choice – your choice.
  • Do you say YES to everyone without thinking? We’ve been programmed to have fear and doubt and be the pleasers of society. This course will change your thinking forever!


What’s holding you back? Maybe you don’t know how to get started… or are you thinking that you don’t have enough time… or resources to support your dreams?


Lee’s 12 Module Spiritual Training Course
will help you…

  • Identify and manifest your goals and desires more quickly and easily that you thought possible
  • Stop wearing yourself out and learn when and how to say NO.
  • Bring you back to your center – your source
  • Take back your personal power, claim your birthright and no longer be a victim.

When You Trust In the Power of Divine Love
Working In Your Life

This I can promise you. When you are aware of the divine nature of love in your life it is a sure defense against negative people and circumstances. You will not be troubled or confused when you work from the place of clear bright light of divine truth. Beginning today, add love to all that you do and say. Let me show you how to do this, quickly and easily. Here are some of the topics covered in my new 12-module course!



Spiritual Solutions For Overwhelm & Stress

Spiritual Solutions For Guilt, Worry and Other Emotional Baggage

Spiritual Solutions to Bring Abundance

Spiritual Solutions To Overcome Health Challenges

Spiritual Solutions to Resolve Relationship Problems with Spouse, Kids and Extended Family

Spiritual Solutions to Overcome Lack of Motivation and Direction

Spiritual Solutions to Counter Lack of Self-Confidence and Rid Yourself of The Victim Mentality

Spiritual Solutions to Overcome Jealousy and Sabotage

Spiritual Solutions For Dealing With Difficult People – Including Bosses, Neighbors and Office Politics

Spiritual Solutions For Overcoming Loneliness

Spiritual Solutions To Boost Self Esteem and Your Self Image

Spiritual Solutions For Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Failure

It’s Time To Give Yourself Permission
to Love Your Life and Enjoy It!

There are 2 Ways to Register for My New 12 Module Video Course Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Problems


OPTION #1: Pay In Full
6-Month Delivery Package

ONLY $297

Only $297 for 6 months with Lee Milteer! You will receive a new video lesson every 2 weeks for 6 months (12 modules) – fully accessible for later study and review!

OPTION #2: 6-Month
Delivery Package

$59.97 per month
6-Month Payment Option

Only $59.97 per month for 6 months with Lee Milteer! Receive a new video lesson every 2 weeks for 6 months (12 modules), fully accessible for later study and review!


Don’t wait… for a better time or for things to get better (or worse) financially before you begin to study with Lee. This course can improve your prosperity in a much faster and easier way.


Don’t wait… for your love life to improve or fall apart or your health to really begin to deteriorate. Lee’s methods will surprise you as she helps you find answers you have known all along… deep within you.


Don’t wait… for the answers that you know are there… but have been eluding you in the external world. It’s time to come inside… its time to let Lee help you CONNECT with Spirit again.


ONLY $297

Only $297 for 6 months with Lee Milteer! You will receive a new video lesson every 2 weeks for 6 months (12 modules) – fully accessible for later study and review!

OF $59.97/MONTH

Only $59.97 per month for 6 months with Lee Milteer! Receive a new video lesson every 2 weeks for 6 months (12 modules), fully accessible for later study and review!


The most important thing now is to make a commitment and then take action. You are the one that must initiate change. Once you make that decision and believe it and use the spiritual tools that I will teach you in this course, you will reconnect with your God Source and see immediate and positive change. I would consider it an honor to be your teacher and guide on this vitally important spiritual reconnection to the Source.



Lee Milteer’s Lightworker Guarantee

You’ll have 30 days to study with me. If, after the first two modules and using the material and principles I am about to reveal, you decide this is NOT for you or you fail to grasp your potential and ability to reconnect with Spirit, then simple contact me via email at or call my office at 1-844-881-4689 and request a full refund. No hassles and no probing questions asked!




At last! The perfect video online course with Lee Milteer that helps you navigate and solve life’s most difficult problems as you connect with your God Source. If you are ready now to create an extraordinary life, the life that you deserve then delay no longer. Join Lee in her latest video online course… 12 Spiritual Solutions For Everyday Problems.