Dear Friend,

Thank you for reserving your spot and for your interest in my upcoming NEW course “12 Spiritual Solutions For Everyday Problems”.

I want to congratulate you for being proactive about your life and future. So many people today just take life for granted… and accept their current circumstances – no matter how wonderful or full of misfortune they may be… without a second thought. Thankfully you and I are on a different path!

Of course I don’t know your specific reason for clicking the link for more information about my NEW course… but I do know for sure that it will help you. I have spent many hours preparing each of the videos for this class (there are 12 in total) and I’ve included some of my most potent and sacred prayers and rituals to assist you. I know you are going to be excited about the course and the changes that will take place in your life.

So thank you again for your interest and I will be sending more information to you very shortly. Registration and class begins on July 16, 2015. Of course you may complete the modules within your own time frame.


P.S. Because you took action today, I have reserved a space for you on my “Early Bird” list. This entitles you to certain bonuses and a 10% discount on the course at time of registration.


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